Trade pls help URGENT

I have Josh Gordon and while I’m excited about the potential (yes I’m one of those people), I’m also very worried about him relapsing or leaving the league again. That being said, should I trade him for Alshon Jeffery in a full point ppr redraft league?? My other receivers are Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, and Godwin. Any feedback is appreciated thank you guys!

im not a believer man, with that being said id trade him for pennies on the dollar if they are willing to give you alshon id take it

I’m all for trading him, but I’m not trading him for Alshon.

I own zero shares of Alshon cause that guy can’t stay healthy, ever. ANd when he is playing, he’s TD or bust. They don’t use him in the formation as a possession receiver and Wentz spreads the ball around everywhere.

If you can trade Gordon for someone of value, sure I’d take it. But I’m not wasting bench space on Alshon waiting for him to return and play mediocre football at 75% health with high risk of reinjury.


You don’t have a need so maybe wait and hope he has a good game and sell him very high.

Y’all really talked me off the ledge here :sweat_smile:

Keep Gordon and see what happens. I have him as well.