Trade post Hunter Henry Injury

I was the owner of Hunter Henry in a 12 team PPR (3 WR) league. I did not have any other TE in my bench and the best options in the Waiver are: Trey Burton, Rudolph, Uzomah, Higbee and Eifert.
I have been looking for a trade partner that currently have 3 TE in his team but is only willing to trade Waller.

Should I trade Christian Kirk for Waller?

(My WR depth chart is: Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffrey, Larry Fidzgeral, Kirk, MVS, Mecole Hardman)

I could live with that trade to be honest.

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If this helps I had owned both Waller and walker.
And I traded waller away with Kirk for golladay. But I can see it be being a pretty fair trade. Also i like Waller a lot, wish I coulda moved walker instead

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Thank you!
I am not all in yet on the deal, because my depth chart in WR is thin. on a 3 WR league

what are your other WRS? Sounds like a good trade to me…especially if you have 2 other solid WR’s and a decent flex play

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