Trade - PPR: JoeMixon for AJ Green

A needs WR (have Mixon, Ingram, White, Michel, Mack, Buck Allen…Nuk, Crabtree, Fitz, Geronimo, Stills)

B needs RB (Kamara, Powell, Crowel, Miller…Green, OBJ, Robinson, Cooks, Goodwin, DJ Moore).

Straight-up trade in PPR…any side coming away

I would try to trade michel or white, just bc they are on the same team

I didn’t mention, it’s a Keeper league. Mixon and Green have no keeper value (1st round, keeper is round before drafted).

Michel is drafted 3rd round and White is 12th round. I think White wouldn’t go 1:1, Michel maybe would.

And he has Powell/Crowell…which shares BYE with New England…so thinking that’s less likely.

I would take the mixon side of this trade.