TRADE PPR need help

Should I trade Jamaal and Sutton for Allen Robinson? PPR

Depends on your depth, but face value i’d say absolutely. Regardless of Robinsons mediocre performance this week, the targets were still there (9) and he’ll be the best/most consistent WR on that team. The connection between him and Dalton should improve as the season goes on and even when Fields inevitably takes over that should be an upgrade for him as well.

Sutton basically just got the undisputed WR1 role in Denver right now with Jeudy going down, but it could be for as little as 6-8 weeks. It’s also only a matter of time (could be as soon as next week) where Williams gets downgraded to simply the backup RB while Swift takes back his workhorse role.

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I would make that trade. Robinson is a target/reception monster. Last season Robinson saw 151 targets for 102 receptions. He has been pretty stable with those numbers despite mediocre QB play. Sutton’s best season in 2019 was 124 targets for 72 receptions (admittedly also with mediocre QB play). I have a feeling that Williams’ production will be limited as long as he is sharing time with Swift.

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Thank you!! You have made solid points.

I need a WR 2. I have metcalf, robby, jakobi, sutton and fuller

DK is solid. I worry about Robby this season. He only saw one or two targets and saved the day with a TD. Meyers has a rookie but should take the WR1 roll. Fuller can be a WR1 if he can remain healthy and off PEDs (lol). Robinson would be an upgrade from Sutton if you can swing it.