Trade Proposal 2 for 2

I have D. Freeman and he’s not playing this Sunday. A league mate has Coleman and is offering him up as well as D. Thomas for my Amari Cooper and Kerryon Johnson.

I need the RB depth right now but have held on to K. Johnson believing he will be relevant.

What do you guys think of this proposed trade?

I think this is a good trade if it is a redraft. Thomas has wr 1 upside as well and you dont really need to worry about if you should start cooper or nah. The only issue is that you will have both the Falcons Rbs so it might be difficult to decide what to do with coleman after freeman comes back. Flex potential there too.

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That’s a pretty fair trade. It helps you both. Kerryon is not worth starting right now. And with Coleman/freeman, you can just pick whoever starts to play in your line up going forward and vs super plus match-ups, you can even flex coleman with Freeman although it is not ideal.

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both replies are in line with my way of thinking. Just as an aside, for those that want to laugh,

I drafted Bell Rd. 1 / Devanta Freeman Rd 2.

Also drafted Baldwin in my other league and Mariota. All out for me lol.

Last wrench in the question, I may be able to get Devante Adams instead of D. Thomas. Will this proposal seem too unfair in my favor?

Yes definitely unfair but if he takes it do it lol but if not go with the original trade.

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If you get Adams, that is robbery.


Take that deal and run. coleman and Demaryius are the best two players in this trade. Obviously cooper could turn it around but this is the most I’ve seen someone offer for him. If you can get Adams alone that would be more than enough value in my eyes, nevermind the fact that you’d get coleman too.

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