Trade proposal - Accept?

Was offered Kittle, Landry and Russell Wilson for Kelce, Kirk and Lindsay. Currently streaming QB’s. Make the deal? Full PPR.

As long as you have decent depth I don’t think it’s bad if you are struggling with the QB spot. Kittle is a slight downgrade but still a top 3 TE, plus his bye has already passed which is nice. Landry is meh, but startable if he’s healthy and you have to have him, probably not as consistent as Kirk. And if you have good depth at RB I don’t think losing Lindsay is awful because he hasn’t been very good this year and it seems like a 50/50 backfield. And you get a top 10 QB, maybe even top 5.

Yeah the lack of depth is what makes this a tough decision. RBs would be Gordon and ekeler, Matt Breida. WRs would be Julio, woods, crowder, Boyd, metcalf and Robinson. I would love to get Wilson in at QB but I would lose the little depth that I have a rb.

I reject deals where someone is trying to unload a QB on me. I still think there are plenty of successful streaming options out there.

I traded Dak and Sammy Watkins after week one for James Connor and Cortland Sutton, and I have been happy with the trade.

I dont really consider Landry part of the trade. The person is trying to sell on his good week, but he would be the first to drop for me. Therefore, it is Kittle and a QB for top TE, rising WR in offensive system and an RB (which are always in demand).


Happy to hear more of the other side of the argument.

Great advice. Thanks. I agree, he just wants to unload landry. And you are correct, plenty of good streaming qb options out there. Not so much for rb’s. Wire is bare.