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Trade Proposal Advice PLEASE! Team s 0-4 so far


My buddy is proposing a trade: he wants Mike Evans for Chris Thompson. Now, my RB positions have been lacking ever since Johnson’s injury and as of now I have Cohen, Murray, Buck Allen, Chris Carson, and Blount. As far as receivers go other than Evans, I have T. Hill, Baldwin, Fitzgerald, and Sanders. Would it be wise to trade off Evans in order to solidify my RB roster, or is this a gamble that I shouldn’t take at all? Please help this 0-4 team out, fellow footballers!


Yeah you have some good WR… But I would try and get someone other than Chris Thompson…

I think with mike Evans you should get a Melvin Gordon or something like that.

Maybe try to trade fitz or demaryius for a mixon or gore.

You def have the WR pieces so I would shop some of your WR for a RB… But I think Evans should pull more.


No way I would trade Evans for Thompson. Your rb’s are pretty weak but Thompson isn’t going to help that. Keep looking


For me, no way I trade Evans for Thompson. He should bring a rb1 or rb2 in a trade.


No way. Your “buddy” is a little bi$&@. I would try and get someone like freeman, Gordon or fournette (my favorite)


This may be the worst trade offer I’ve ever seen. No way.