Trade proposal full ppr

Trade CEH for Allen Robinson? 10 team full PPR. Other Rbs are Henry and Najee. Other Wrs are Evans and Kupp.

What other WR and RB do you have?

This could be completely wrong… but I bet the Cheifs try to run the hell out of the ball the first game of the year. You might have more value if you wait a week.

I think the starters you have are fine, but you didn’t post any of your depth. Do you have any quality RB’s behind Henry, Najee, and CEH? What about WR’s, who’s your WR3 outside of Evans and Kupp?

Face value i would do it, but that’s because i don’t really believe in CEH. He’s on a high powered offense so he’s going to get quality opportunities, but he didn’t show us volume last year. On the flip side, Robinson has the talent and gets MAJOR volume with his downside being poor QB play. However, we’ve seen plenty of situations where having a rough QB situation doesn’t hurt the top WR too much, and both Dalton and Fields (whenever he starts) should be an upgrade over the dumpster fire they had last year.

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Yeah, McKinnon is going to be a nuisance to CEH owners in PPR leagues. Take Robinson.