Trade Proposal : good or bad?

how do you guys feel about this trade :
trading fitzgerald and abdullah to get dez bryant and shane vereen. Abdullah is my only back up RB. RB1 is bell, RB 2 is gurly. My WR 1 is amari

I’d hold. I think Abdullah will come through. Fitz will likely have higher trade value in coming weeks as they have to use him to succeed. and Dez sees some tough corners coming up.

I’d also hold or try to get someone other than vereen.

I agree with the others. I have Fitz too and hoping that his value goes up as they will have to go to the air more. Once he has a few good games coming up I will be unloading him. I would hold. Re visit in a few weeks and get Dez and something better if you can.

thanks guys, i agree with the thoughts

I’d hold Abdullah.I’ve heard things about fitz’s groin though. Maybe a pull? But I don’t think it’s confirmed. But Vereen is useless week to week. You never know when he’s gonna have a good game. The only time I would start him is when I absolutely had to. And dez worries me. I am a dak owner though. So I hope dez does well .