Trade proposal . he wants my hopkins


other league is attempting to boast the trade given recent 3 game suspension of Jamis Winson

He knows im light @ QB.

Im only holding

Winston and Mccown

the trade
from me

DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
Joe Schobert LB CLE
2018 Rnd 3 Pick 2
2018 Rnd 6 Pick 2
2019 Rnd 4

from him
Alex Smith QB WAS
Tony Jefferson DB BAL
Eric Kendricks LB MIN
Karl Joseph DB OAK
Tyreek Hill WR KAN
2018 Rnd 4 Pick 15
2018 Rnd 4 Pick 11

Yes we play strange using defense players. The draft picks are rookie only draft picks. Personally I feel as though giving up Hopkins is silly. As of now mccown is set to start . maybe i can get 3 games out of him… heh

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Looks like he’s trying to take advantage of you while you’re down. I wouldn’t make that trade personally but I don’t have any experience with IDP values.

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Alex Smith is not a good enough return on investment. I’m not sure how to evaluate the IDP players or if you have any hole in that area.

I would not accept that offer.

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Absolutely not. And McCown has shown he is more than serviceable, at least for 3 games. Besides, you can always draft a rookie qb and potentially use him at the start of the year too. Don’t take a pile of trash for a top 3 dynasty player.


No way. He is only set to be out 3 games as of now. Could appeal, maybe settle and get it down to 1 or 2 games. No reason to get rid of a very talented young QB and a top 3 WR, especially in dynasty over 3 games max. Roll with McCown for the 3 games, or see who else is on the waiver wire. They have a somewhat tough opening schedule anyway.

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without knowing IDP values, this is a hard pass for me. 3 games (still could be reduced) is not worth that. I like the inclusion of T Hill, but I think the picks you are giving as well take this out of your favor. I do like Smith and think he will be just fine moving forward, but when Winston comes back you now have 3 QBs on roster and that is just not necessary.

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Yeah so this is trade rape. @Windowlicker know your rights! No means NO!

Also if need be you can pick up other QBs either from waiver or just roll with McCown.

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yea i laughed at it… thanks

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