Trade proposal help

I own Gurley and got offered Michael Thomas and 1.02 in the rookie draft for Gurley. 10 team, .5ppr dynasty

That doesn’t seem like enough for the #1 running back for this last year. I would probably try to get some other player that he is low on and might have some upside (maybe an under-performing 2nd yr player) or another draft pick. The main problem i see with the trade is you’re giving up the best player involved. I really like Thomas but it just doesn’t seem like enough to me

Hell no. If it’s AB you consider it, but it’s not even AB. That is a trade for last year. Thomas is super consistent and a great player to have. But with brees age, and the uncertainty of Thomas’s future, helllll na. Tell him/her to up their game if they want Gurley.


I would try to get a little more, but I don’t think it’s a ridiculous offer. General dynasty wisdom favors the young stud WR over the RB most of the time. With the RBs available in this class, you very well could replace a good bit of Gurley’s production with the 1.02.

It’s also important to consider where you honestly think you stand, and what your roster needs are. Are you a legit contender next year (barring the unforeseeable)? Are you already deep at WR? These make a difference. Gurley is more valuable for someone who thinks they can win now. Thomas would likely be more valuable long term, largely due to the position he plays.

Qbs…Brady, Jimmy G, Trubisky
Rbs…Gurley, Lewis, Joe Williams, Pumphrey, Burkhead, White, Gillislee, Carson, Darkwa, Peterson, Mckissic
Wrs…Marvin Jones, Crabtree, Fitz, Funchess,
Perriman, Snead, Lee, Westbrook, Reynolds
Tes. Walker, Brate, Smith, Everett

not enough IMO. It would also depend on what team your new rookie RB that you pick up with the 1.02 ends up on? you could end up with a good rookie back on a bad team! I would look for more value in a trade or just hold Gurley. You already have the 1.05, thats gonna be a rookie WR more than likely Ridley. Maybe he goes somewhere nice and ends up producing right away.

I actually traded my first round pick away last year to acquire Gurley. I think I’m going to hold for now, if it included 1.01 it would be more tempting

Looks to me like you need to be building for the future. That team doesn’t look like a contender to me. Both Gurley and Thomas are first round start-up draft picks. Thomas is younger, and plays a position more likely to resupt in a long term producer. Gurley is certainly more valuable next year, but i don’t think it’s by a huge amount and getting a top 2 rookie pick more than makes up any gap to me. Just my $.02.

But we also don’t know what happens with brees. Thomas position doesn’t matter if no one can throw him the ball because brees is gone. So you stick with the harder spot to fill, the RB. who also has a more favorable team and surrounding than Thomas for the future. So yeah conventional dynasty ffb is to go with the position you should get more years out of. But there are other factors to incorporate. But, I do agree the 1.02 is still enticing.

I tend to think Thomas is good enough to produce with a less than ideal QB situation.

He has the talent that’s for sure, but it hasn’t been seen yet in the NFL. Having a HOF QB helps for sure. I tend to go with the safer guy depending on situations and what not. It’s why even though o love Kareem hunt, I’m a little hesitant with him because of mahomes and the unknown of how it will affect him.

Hard for me to consider Gurley (or any RB, really) safe. As for Gurley, in particular, I love the talent, but what worries me a bit is that a lot of the production was based around getting him in space (where he’s admittedly incredible). Really creative stuff, but may be a bit gimicky (similar to some of the stuff KC did with Hunt, actually). He still wasn’t great in more traditional, between the tackles running. I’m a little worried thats an off season of scrutiny takes a bit of the bite out of that offense.

What seals it for me in this particular scenario, however, is that I’m pretty sure that team isn’t competing this year, and it may be hard to seriously compete next year. At that point, after 5 years of heavy use, how valuable is Gurley still? Hard to say, and that’s my fear. Thomas should still be a stud for several years after that. Getting a high pick in addition makes it a pretty easy call in my view.

I don’t think that’s a laughable offer, but I for sure wouldn’t take it. RBs are deeper next year than they have been in the past several years, so there is a bit less of a premium for them over WRs. That being said, his offer just isn’t enough. I would want one of these two things

  1. In addition to MT and 1.02, like a tier 2/3 back (Mixon, Ajayi, Lamar Miller, D. Henry or around there).

  2. Better WR (Hopkins, OBJ, AB)

I would start high though for sure, because he’s starting pretty low