Trade proposal help!

Which trade would u rather do and is the trade fair or one sided???

Trade for Burton and Mixon but give up Gronk Chubb and Hyde

Trade away Gronk for Njoku and Lindsay

Trade away Gronk and Chubb for CMC and Graham

I don’t love the first trade, if you can keep Chubb I’d do it though. Second trade is my favourite as it is and i would do that trade if it was available to you can the first trade cannot be negotiated to keep Chubb. Third Trade is pretty even and a sideways move to me, unless this is full PPR then i would be happy with either the second or third trade

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Even if it’s getting Mixon and Burton? What about Hyde for Jared Cook or OJ Howard

Yep. You get better value in trade 2 in standard scoring and trade three in PPR formats. Both of those add a better TE option ROS in my view and good RBs and allow you to keep Chubb and Hyde. Hyde to see what happens but i prefer that set up personally.