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Trade proposal in a Keeper League


So, i’m in an interesting 10-team PPR Keeper league. We keep 0-9 keepers where your keepers take up those first few rounds of the draft. Keep 0 guys, you draft in the first round on, keep 3 guys, you don’t start till the 4th, keep all 9, you’re waiting till the 10th. There is also no penalty/limit to how long you keep your players. Guys have had players for 5+ years. Any top 10 guy is pretty much gone already. Keepers don’t process until AFTER the HOF Game.

Anyways. My keepers in this league will be Dez Bryant, Shady McCoy, TY Hilton, and Melvin Gordon.

I’ve been offered Brandin Cooks + a draft pick in the 10-15 range for TY Hilton.

I’m tempted to take this offer. But, NE has lots of options so that might mean less looks for Cooks (especially if Gronk is healthy). TY could dominate if Luck is healthy. I’m not sure who I could pick up with that extra draft pick, but it might be scraping the barrel more so than in other leagues…

Thoughts y’all?


TY is a much better option than Cooks for me. I would need a much higher draft pick and depending on who you can get with that pick, it may still not be worth your.

I believe Luck will be back sooner rather than later. And with Cooks, he’s very boom or bust and that will be all the more apparent this year. Gronk will always command his targets and Brady is not going to just forget about Edelman.


That’s where I am sort of landing. Keeping TY and heading into the draft with that - unless someone comes up with a better offer of course.

It’s hard to let guys go in this league because there are so many keepers. 37 players are off the board right now. Craziness! But, awesome crazy ;).


Final offer from him… TY Hilton for Brandin Cooks and his 6th round pick (which is the 25th actual pick, but still without those 37 keepers and those added 24 picks…)


yeah i tell him no. he would have to give me someone better, or package another player. cooks is a boom bust guy, heading to a team that likes to play matchups. he will disappear game to game. where TY is everything to that offense. even when luck was gone, he still produced at a high level. so if he is gone for 6 weeks, im not worried. he is trying to play off of that fear. tell him to step it up or step out. you have a SOLID starting core. dont give that up for a lesser starting core and a late draft pick.