Trade proposal (J. Brown for C. Davis)

It seems like no one ever wants to trade but we shall see. Standard League. I have Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown. I am proposing Brown for Corey Davis. OR am I just stupid because of big play potential. Brown always gets hurt…

I’m all in on Corey Davis…JB is the equivalent of Geno Smith’s jaw! If who ever you made that offer to accepts it, you made out better IMO.

Yea I think that both are potentially inconsistent plays but I really like Davis’s upside. Plus it adds a little diversity to your WR group so you’re not relying entirely on the Arizona offense

Thanks. I proposed the trade but I doubt I’ll get it. I sent it to my friends little brother so I’m banking on his age. haha or that he won’t ask his brother. I am an asshole but I really like Davis’ upside too.