Trade proposal. Rb for wr. 0.5 ppr

I Just received a trade offer. 0.5 ppr.

I will be sending Ingram for Tyler Boyd.

My rbs are kamara, Howard, cook, clement, and Murray…

WRs: Hopkins, John brown, Baldwin, Allison and arob.

Should I take this offer?

Edit: he changed his mind and wants Ingram instead.

See if he’d go for either Howard or Cook instead. Throw in Arob too if you need to to get that done. I think the current trade offer is somewhat fair straight up but I’d want to counter first.

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He was willing to take Howard but changed his mind to wanting Ingram. He doesn’t want Howard bc he is washed up. Lol

I have a bit more confidence in Howard to turn things around and return to that Munch-Machine once it starts getting colder in Chicago. But I’d still rather keep Ingram. Would he go for a package trade?

Man it’s 40 out here in Chicago, Howard will be the dominant back by the end of October. Chicago weather is changing fast as hell

He won’t take the package deal. I do need a more consistent wr2.

I think you just got the wrong trade partner. I would trade Boyd for any of those RBs. Try to find someone else to trade with. You can get more than Boyd if your giving up Ingram.

Would Alshon Jeffery be better?

I don’t think you should go for this justbyet. I wouldn’t say you are in dire need of a Tyler Boyd type, if it all, but Ingram could quickly establish himself into an RB with weekly value greater than that of Boyd. id actually argue that is alreaybcase, but another big TD week from Ingram could land you someone like OBj/Julio/Diggs hypothetically very soon from someone dying at RB

Okay, thank you for the help.

He just dropped Watkins for drake. He is desperate for a rb lol

Just an update. I picked up Chubb last Friday when new broke about the trade. I lost weekend (thanks Kareem hunt).

I am currently in the process trading Chubb for T.Y. Hilton (as long it passes league veto…can’t get them to change it) and Mack off waivers.

You’re gettinf Hilton and Mack 100%? That’ll do nicely.