Trade proposal: Smith-Schuster & Hill for hunt & Diggs

Have recieved a trade propossal for my Hunt & Diggs where I receive Smith-Schuster & Hill

i am tempted to do it as I have been struggling a bit with injuries on my WR position

My team:
WR: Diggs, J. Gordon, Fitzgerald, Callaway
RB: M. Gordon, Hunt, Michel, A. Jones, R. Freeman

His team:
WR: Hill, Smith-Schuster, Sanders, M. Williams, Edelman, Boyd
RB: Gurley, Conner, Ekeler

So it is pretty clear that he will soon be lacking quality on his RB position

10 teams half point PPR starting 3 WRs, 2 RBS and no flex. What do you think?


i think he’s asking for just a smidge too much with Diggs involved in the trade.

Especially in your format (i’m also in 1 3 WR league, sucks having to fill that 3rd slot sometimes) WR depth is much more important than RB’s.

Fortunately, you have excellent depth at RB, so in your position i think you can afford to over-pay a little.

Hill and Schuster will slide right into your 1 and 2 spots, and you have multiple options to fill that RB2 slot (i’d personally go with Michele)

Talking to the owner of thielen / ObJ and he could consider trading them for hunt/diggs

Do you think that is a better trade for me?

MUUUUCh better. like scale of 1 to 10 the first trade is like a 7, that would be a 9 or a 10.

Both good trades (with your depth) but the latter is better