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Trade Proposal Thoughts


Trying sure up TE as I feel like I’m above average in other categories. Thought about offering Ertz owner Burton and Breida for Ertz. He is weak at RB especially.


Full point PPR


I doubt youd get ertz for that but you can try.


Yeah it’s a stretch but I’m 5-1 and he’s 1-5 amd his rb1 is Powell


Definitely more possible if that’s his rb1


Yeah, I’m not one to offer trades to take advantage of teams. I look at their needs prior to making an offer


Well that’s part of making a trade. Even a 1-5 team if they’re smart arent gunna take trade that benefits team.


He’s special haha, its a 1 man keeper league and he gave up a 1st last year for Cam and this year kept Ajayi in the 1st.


Oh wow yikes hes not doin so hot


Thats not as bad of a trade. He might do it.