Trade Proposal (Too many options)

So, I am in need of a consistent Wide Out who has a QB worth a damn. I am leading the League in points scored and I am sitting in 4th place with a 4-3 record, but my wide outs have killed me in my losses. I am proposing trade to my boss who gets a hard on for big names. League is 1 PPR

My team: Other Team:

  • M. Evans (Keep)
  • T.Y. Hilton (Trade)
  • D. Adams (Trade)
  • S. Diggs (Trade but on the fence)
  • D. Parker (Keep)
  • K. Stills (Bye Week Flier)
  • J. Doctson (Stash)
  • K. Hunt (Keep)
  • T. Gurley (Keep)
  • D. Murray (Trade but on the fence)
  • D. Martin (Keep but on fence)
  • D. Henry (Cut/Trade)
  • E. Engram (Keep)
  • K. Rudolph (Trade)
  • M. Stafford (Keep because two guys are hoarding 6/10 top QBs and want my balls for one)
    Other Team:
  • A. Jeffery (Maybe)
  • C. Hogan (Want)
  • AJ Green (Not going to get)
  • G. Tate (Want)
  • J. Crowder (Hell No)
  • D. Jackson (Maybe)
  • D. Freeman (Not going to get)
  • L. Miller (No)
  • A. Kamara(Want, he’s a Saints fan so it’s going to be hard)
  • A. Peterson (Saints fan… and never cut him; then made a bet that he would get over 1000 yards after trade)
  • H. Henry (Not Interested; his only TE)