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Trade proposal!


I am being offered Zeke, for jay ajayi and Mike Evans…full point ppr I have Hunt, Powell, and Stewart at Rb and Garcon, d Thomas and Keenan Allen at wr


Oh man that’s too much, what a slap in the face. You should counter with another valuable player along with Zeke. You’re giving away two studs for one.


Oo that’s juicy who does he have at wr I’d want a wr back aswell your giving up quite a bit for a guy who might be gone 6 games they could come during fantasy playoffs


I’d stick with Ajayi and Evans unless he throws in a very quality WR as well.


You’re gonna need one more player out of that, that’s for sure. He sent a lowball offer IMO


Thanks guys got him to add Davante Parker into the deal