Trade Q - Freeeman/Green

PPR League. Freeman for Green? Owner seems desperate and would throw in Duke Johnson. I am currently pretty balanced but this trade would put me low at WR. It is a fairly active league so it would make sense to jump on the value and use my RB core (Demarco, Mixon, Martin, McKinnon) plus the two news one to restock at WR?

So you are the A.J. Green owner? What does you’re WR core look like?

My RBs are: Demarco/Derrick, Martin, McKinnon and Mixon

My WRs are: Brown, Amendola, Parker, and the aforementioned Green.

Obviously taking Green hurts my WR core immensely. But if I was able to get Freemen and Duke, is that value worth it? I feel confident I could flip one of my other RBs for a replacement wide receiver one tier below Green.

I can get Hopkins for Freeman so would you rather have Hopkins or Green. I’d also get to keep Duke, but he would be a bench player.