Trade Question / 10-Team PPR

Hey guys, can I get some advice for a potential trade in my 10 team PPR league? I appreciate it.

Trading Mark Ingram FOR Pierre Garcon and Derek Carr.

My Current RBs: David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, and Ingram.

My Current WRs: Allen robinson, Landry, Tate, Thielen, and Ginn.

My Current QBs: Luck / Dalton

I don’t know if I would take it. I know that Luck could be out awhile, but Andy Dalton will be just fine for you in the meantime. And while I like Pierre Garcon this year (especially in PPR), I think you are giving up more value than you are receiving.

If you do make trade maybe try to trade Ingram or another running back for a strong WR because you are weakest at WR.

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I would make that deal. Garcon is the wr1 in SF and hoyer is a very good fantasy QB. They will be playing from behind a lot this year and will have to throw more. Carr would give you insurance on Luck. Ingram will be splitting carries with Petersen.

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