Trade question 12 man .5ppr 4 keeper league

i’m RB needy and another guy needs a WR, should I trade my d.adams or d.hopkins for his kamara or m.gordon I have plenty of solid wr2 options

I don’t know much about keeper leagues, but for this season I’d trade Hopkins for Gordon

our league is not very complicated. at the end of the season we keep 4 players and they don’t affect our draft picks. the 4 keepers take the first 4 rounds of the draft for everyone

if you can get Kamara for either one of those guys its a steal.

i’d definitely have to package for kamara

sorry i thought you said full point… changes things a bit

idk i like your team the way it it… we are banking on Kerryon emerging into a lead back then it looks good

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I’m pretty confident in my team but managed to start the season 0-3 and I’m starting to panic. fournette hasn’t been healthy and kerryon is only emerging now.

i think you have a good team… i would’t tilt yet… i can see how you would want to upgrade you RB’s but i think if everyone is trending upwards you will be fine Njoku included.

thank you !