Trade Question... 1pt PPR

Got the offer below not sure if I should pull the trigger. Thanks guys!

3WR/2RB/1Flex (WR/RB/TE)
My other RBs are: Ekeler, Damien Harris, Devontae Booker, Sony Michel, Justin Jackson
My other WRs are: Amari Cooper, Aiyuk, Claypool, Corey Davis, Nelson Agholor

Derrick Henry
Jamarr Chase

Antonio Gibson
Allen Robinson

I’d say yes.

I’d feel MUCH better about my RBs if I had Henry and Ekeler at the top of my depth chart as opposed to Ekeler and Gibson.

I like your WR depth enough to justify the likely drop-off you have from Robinson to Chase this year. Amari, Aiyuk and Claypool is a perfectly fine starting 3 at WR and you now have a killer 1-2 at RB.

If Chase balls out, that’s just gravy.

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I’d say OH HELL YES!

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