Trade question 2 for 1

Would you ever consider trading away both Breida and Chubb for Kerryon? Asking for a friend

Keep Chubb. Rid Breida if you can. Package him with a backup QB, WR or TE. Keep Chubb no matter what though.

I don’t really trust the browns offence and am concerned that one of these weeks Breida won’t be so lucky

Agree with @Caveman45 i like Chubb over Kj ROS or at least very similarly. As for Breida, I’d add Mostart and feel good abt all of those pieces. Can trade them
If need be. Maybe Breida and Mostart and somethjng else that is very average like a Snead could get you Kerryon if you wanted.

I could try to package him with Boyd

What is your full roster? (Btw Chubb is an elite talent that is going to get a line share of carries. We may have witnessed his floor yesterday. He was an inch away from a second TD and one big run from 100. Hold on to him. If you’re going to trade him, let him blow up for a couple more weeks so he gains value. kJ is a nice piece but Chubb is the better RB to own. Who knows if KJ will ever get that type of usage again?)

The guy countered with my Hopkins+Breida for his M.Thomas+Kerryon

My roster:
RB: Mixon, Michel, Mack, Chubb, Cohen, Breida
WR: AB, Hopkins, Landry, Golladay, Boyd

If you’re getting MT and KJ accept as fast as you can and laugh your way to the bank. You just rail-roaded that fool.


*I meant Cohen ^

Yeah seriously take that asap. If you are getting MT side. That is ridiculous unless guy believes in Hopkins and wants to have. Breida and Mostart or something. I’d rather have Kerryon and MT…

Is this ppr? So Hopkins and Cohen for MT and KJ? Man that’s tough.

Standard. This all started because he wanted to trade me kerryon for Hopkins 1 for 1 lol

Must think you’re an idiot. If it’s standard KJ slightly out favors Cohen to me. I also like MT over Hopkins. If it were me I’d say I can’t part with Cohen and try to yield Breida or Mack in his stead. JMO

I’d see if someone else with Breida will get you Kerryon otherwise hold them

Your team is awesome. I’d love if you could trade w someone that lets you keep AB and Hopkins while acquiring your next elite piece. Even getting MT in the trade above is sort of just a lateral toss up move, though it’s prob the right one. Just like not very impactful to
The bottom line. Now if you can get Julio/Thielen/Adams elsewhere using Golladay, Breida, Cohen, even Landry, that would be killer. There are lots of possibilities for you with that depth. And all their stocks are sky high. I’d try to use Landry instead of Hopkins in that MT trade. That’s still fair overall but you having AB, Hopkins, MT every week is scary good.

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And then totally use Chubb and Mack to get like Kamara potentially. Feel like that could be swung. The big usual names other than Gurley are all at a trough in value right now. Anyone who is new on the scene and just got the nod to be a starter has become an extraordinarily coveted, over-coveted, target imo. Chubb is gonna be a star I don’t doubt. but If i think he could fetch me a bonafide stud in a reasonable package, I’m jumping on it now before this exuberance has any reason to fade. Lots of true, sizeabl arbitrage opportunities right now basically. Trading in fantasy is basically,well, for example, identical in nature to merger arbitrage. This week will create many losers or many winners, but not both. Chubb is either gonna be what he is getting hyped to be or…less good. If
I had Chubb now I’d be shopping the shit out of him in a package for people like Zeke, AB, whatever stud you’ve always wanted…And if I can’t get what I want, I’m just holding Chubb, not adhering to what someone else’s assessment (in truth or a bluff to try and steal him) of him is, or anybody for that matter, unless I can do something better for my team by dealing him at a value I wasn’t considering before. If he gets you like Kelce and you already have Ertz but know some other team would give up their life to have Kelce, and say “life” means K Hunt here — then I’m selling Chubb for less than I think he’s really worth to make that happen w that specific player. Sometimes you have to be both a principal and a middle man/intermediary to get something done trade-wise. So many leagues where certain people just won’t trade with specific teams, only want specific names, refuse to do ‘this’ without ‘that’ no matter how irrational it is…doing the extra leg work (and taking on some extra risk usually during the ‘intermediary’ phase) to get the right players to the owners who want them the most, can
Pay off enormously. Much more, often times, than just doing a trade you like and trying for that only/ending there. Such a PITA but such a useful way to increase leverage in a trade scenario. I’m talking like, a team who loves Chubb and I love their Julio for example, but they play someone next week who has Matt Ryan so they don’t want to give away Julio until after that matchup. If you can then get Matt Ryan from that other team, somethjng you hadn’t thought abt before, you just earned yourself Julio stacked with Ryan for pretty much Chubb alone (assuming the Ryan trade was something sensible too).

I’m ranting and writing random ficitional anecdotes with little relevance to the topic of this thread, which I’ve forgotten, so forgive me for that, but also it’s sort of a point I wanted to share and see what replies come in. Helps me see if the strategy that I am detailing lengthily for no apparent reason will hold weight/is worth doing in my league or if people have zero response and I figure this type of thing is a complete waste of time.

I’m also killing time until kickoff in 2 minutes Bc I’m excited and nervous. Don’t make fun lol you all know how I feel

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I actually tried to pull this off. I was trying to get thielen from a guy that wanted hopkins and Howard, but he didn’t have any other pieces that i wanted… I gave him a list of some other RBs I’d be interested in on other teams to see if he could make something happen.

Now I’ve traded Howard for Boyd mainly because I am looking to see what a combo of Boyd+ one of my RB could net me. Nobody was overly interested in Howard, but seems like a lot are interested in Boyd. Lol

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You’re 100% correct there. That’s a great point. Makes a lot of sense and in certain leagues, perhaps yours, even moreso.