Trade question burton vs Wrs

Should I trade away mike Williams or Calvin Ridley for trey burton? I wouldn’t do Ridley, and even tho I love Williams, I’m super high on burton this year, and he’d be an upgrade over kittle or Vance Macdonald who I currently roster

Dynasty? Keeper?? Redraft?

Oh it’s dynasty, should’ve mentioned that

My wrs are AJ green, juju, Ridley, mike Williams, Gordon, Sutton, agholor, Meredith, golladay, Curtis Samuel, ryan Grant, keelan Cole, and a few others, so I’m not lacking depth there

This all depends on the rest of your WR depth but if you’re high on Burton and you only have Kittle and Vance at TE otherwise, neither one of those is a terrible cost to give up.

I would personally prefer to give up Ridley of the two.