Trade Question : Devonta Freeman for Doug Martin & CJ anderson

Would you trade Doug Martin & CJ anderson for Devonta Freeman?? My other RB is K. Hunt. So I would be the one trading doug and CJ and getting D. Free… by doing this i basically give up my insurance incase injuries… and K hunts bye week that’s my only concern.

this question makes me want to slap you. keep your rbs. if anything trade for a wr if you’re weak there

Freeman has been so hot the first few weeks, but those are both great RBs. And you’d be giving up depth for similar production with no bye week gained etc. I say stick with your team.

I definitely like upgrading to an elite talent, but I’m quite bullish on Martin too, and RB depth is vital, so I’d be hesitant to do this.

Lol. I agree. The trade was proposed to me. It’s always enticing to get a top 5 rb…but I hate trading depth especially if it’s talented depth.

I’m general, I love getting the 1 side if a two for 1. In this case, and Freeman is literally one of my favorite players, but I’m extremely bullish on Martin.