Trade question dez, hill, Julio,

Ok so I’m in a 16 man league standard and my team is QB mariota, brissett, wr hill, Keenan Allen, funchess, ginn, doctson, rb gurley, lynch, buck Allen, Henry, Morris, te graham, kittle, def steelers. I just traded hill for dez Bryant. I also got an offer of Keenan Allen and lynch for Julio jones. I’m wondering if that’s a smart trade or should I keep Allen and lynch.

Get Julio. His numbers will return to normal. you would be buying low on Julio, and selling High on Allen in my opinion. Lynch hasn’t really impressed much, and i don’t see it improving really.

But do you honestly believe Allen will do worse than Julio. I mean I just traded hill for dez and my friend told me I was an idiot but tbh I think Thomas is kinda taking that hill roll this year while everybody worries about Kelce and hill

I’m sitting in 3rd right now at 4-2 I’m counting this week a loss unless mariota puts up 35 points and doesn’t pass to walker who my opponent has playing lol

getting Dez for Hill was a good move. Dez gets amazing targets. im not sure where Thomas fits in here. I do believe Julio will be better rest of season. maybe take a quick look at matchups ROS, but i know Julio has some great ones coming up.

I will say that i am counting on Julio myself. I have Ryan, and have been counting on that relationship getting back to the norm.

Yea this guy has Ryan also. I offered hill and lynch for Julio and he said no. Then countered with Julio for lynch and Allen but I was wanting advice before I made the trade lol. I’m trying to get ppl to take some runninbacks because I’ve got another trade I’m waiting on if buck Allen and ginn for kamara.

Keep taking the best overall player in these 2-1 deals. i usually ask them to throw in whichever player(s) they are going to drop to make room. be surprised how often that can become the throw in player for another 2-1

If not, just pay attention and take your chances with waivers.

Yea this is my first year ever playing a 16 man league and it’s tough. I’m thinking about trading jimmy graham and a rb for a decent pickup and just stream a TE but there is really nobody on the waivers nobody on the waivers I currently have the 2nd spot just waiting for someone to show up lol

ya, 16 would be tough. i am only in an 8 right now. hoping to hit a 12 next year, or expand ours to 12. that said, im pretty sure the trades still work. maybe push getting their drop player.

Yea he’s gonna drop Smallwood. I’ve been waiting on bridgewater to come back because for some reason QB in my league go for more than runninbacks which blows my mind so if I can grab him for free on Thursday without messing up my waiver I might trade mariota later for another good wr