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Trade question (Dynasty)


Hey Clan.
Would you guys trade:
Josh Gordon, Matt Ryan, and the 2.03

Kenny Stills

This is a dynasty 10 team league. I also have the 1.01, but would like to get another good rookie RB due to my RB situation.

Thanks guys!


Absolutely! I love the 2.03 because Gesicki could be there, but having Chubb, Penny, Michel, or Kerryon might outweight that. For me that could be a question of TE situation too. With that trade you can also flip Stills later for draft capital when he has a hot couple games because he is not a solid guy.


I would pull the trigger. Next years RBs won’t be nearly as fruitful from what I see. I think Matt Ryan is trending down and Josh Gordon will not see as many targets as he did during his monstrous year.


I would not make that trade. You can get more for Josh Gordon alone.


This is an easy ‘Yes’ for me! Even if it were a guarantee that Gordon will stay clean, I’d do it… So certainly I would with him being one slip-up from forced retirement. Browns are too stacked to rely on force-feeding Gordon and Stills very well could put up similar fantasy totals… And that 1.04 will definitely yield a better talent than Gordon. Pull the trigger on it and don’t even think twice about it, IMO!


To be clear, I’m not saying keep Gordon. I’m saying get more for him. Stills and 1.04 is selling low.


I suppose but I am not thrilled with it. If you really think you know who to take at 1.04 then go ahead. I think stills is solid and under appreciated. I am also much higher on Gordon than most. Ryan is a good QB and should be for more years.

But, this is the time to try for RB gold. 1.04 puts you right in the hunt. Like I said, I would do it but I am not as wowed with the offer. Just my opinion. Hope it helps :blush:


im with @fun4willis …think you can get more for josh gordon!

and also don’t say im high about ryan but what does he make in this offer…!?:thinking:
gordon+2.03 for stills+1.04 sounds more realistic!

but like always to make a better statement it would be a little bit easier if you post the format (ppr, 0.5ppr, standard) and your RB/WR depth. most trades depend on your team structure or the needs and couldn’t be judged in a vacuum


what is your RB situation? that would help us answer


Sorry, I should have added my roster. It is a PPR (full point) league, and my roster is:

WR: OBJ, Gordon, Corey Davis, Pierre Garçon, Kenny Golladay, Robby Anderson, Cam Meredith, and Allen Hurns.

RB: DJ, Tarik Cohen, Perine, Blount, Gore, And Clement. I also have the 1.01 aka Saquon Barkley.

With the 1.04 I am hoping to take:
Tier 1: Penny, or Freeman
Tier 2. Michel, Guice, or Jones.

Thanks again everyone!


Thanks for posting your roster. In my opinion, your need at RB is not as bad as your need at WR.

My rookie RB tiers would look different:
Tier 1: Michel, Guice, Penny
Tier 2: Freeman, Jones