Trade question for keeper

I’ve been offered AJ Green and D Henry for Adam Theilen. I’m in a keeper where I have Julio, Evans, Thielen (currently), Kelce and Melvin’s Gordon. Thoughts?

I personally don’t like Henry at all, but if you’re thinner at RB then at least you know that Henry will get work. Green will be as good as always once he is back. Thielen’s value worries me though as I feel like he might be less involved this season if they choose to run the ball more as was shown in his stats towards the end of the season when Dalvin Cook returned.

I would keep Thielen. I don’t like A.J. Green that much this year and his injury worries me. It feels like to me that he is declining. He is 31 yrs old too and that is when most receivers start hitting the decline. And for Derrick Henry, he’s never shown consistency. I would keep Thielen for the fact that he is younger than Green (Thielen is 28), has a better QB, has no major injury concerns, and Derrick Henry is too inconsistent for my liking.