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Trade question for my Baller Friends


4 person keeper league so our first round will be the fifth round. Trade offer is for my Julio Jones for Mike Evans and the 50.2 what do you think?


100% yes if you’re getting Evans and the second overall redraft pick.


I’d prefer the younger WR with the younger QB situation in a keeper league. Plus, you get the 2nd pick.


For sure take Evans plus! I might do that straight up


what is the potential pick with that 5.02 position? Who are your other 3 stud players?


I look at it as who is getting the better player. I personally think Evans is the better player–and touchdown machine. And you get a draft pick, that’s an easy yes from me.


Youth + no injury history + 2nd pick of the draft pool (which would presumably include those rookie RBs)? Gotta do it.