Trade question for standard league

I am in a standard league and I am looking to make a trade. I am thinking of trading Doug Martin and Michael Thomas for Devonta Freeman and Devante Adams. That would make my RB’s Melvin Gordon and Freeman and leave me with Adams, Hilton, Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis and Thielen as my receivers. Would you make the trade?

I’d honestly try to keep Thomas. And package one of your other receivers with Doug for just Freeman. Adams floor is wayyy to low for me to even think of trading for him

I agree, my first offer was Hilton and Martin for Freeman. I want to get rid of Hilton with his tough schedule down the stretch. I really want to keep Thomas but I am very intrigued with the possibility of pairing Freeman with Gordon and playing receiver match ups with all the guys I have. But I don’t want to weaken my receivers too much.

And I should add the guy I am trading with doesn’t want to give up freeman unless it’s for a top end receiver

That’s a tough one cause I personally don’t see Freeman getting any better this year. And his value isn’t as high what most people value him in my opinion. He’s not the Freeman of yester year. So I couldn’t give up Thomas for someone who is possibly going to be good and I emphasize possibly.

You might be able to get a bite on Doug, Hilton, Davis for Freeman, adams

You definitely might be right on freeman. Their is something off with the falcons offense. I think I have undervalued Thomas a bit because I expected a little more from him. If freeman has a bad game tomorrow I might be able to get him for cheaper

Yeah definitely. But also look at the way brees is playing this year, he’s not throwing left and right like past years so Thomas isn’t getting the work you thought he was going to get.

That is very true. That is why I was willing to make the trade but Thomas does have a somewhat easy schedule down the stretch. And he is clearly my best receiver so I am leaning towards keeping him and seeing if I get freeman on the cheap after this week

I think one of the things to think about here in NO’s passing game is Kamara. Yeah, he’s the BIG GUY along side Ingram…BUT his RB/WR receptions this year have been phenominal…even tho he’s not technically been placed in the RB/WR category. So…I think that’s a big reason for M Thomas’s neglect. As @dustin_mitchell mentioned…Brees’s game is off this year. He normally “throws” more. Hence…MORE INGRAM AND KAMARA VS M THOMAS!!!