Trade Question for You All

Which side of the trade do you want?
Dynasty, 0.5 ppr,

2 RB
3 WR

OBJ, K. Hunt, pick 2.07
C. Kupp and pick 1.07

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you really gotta be buying in on the browns for the OBJ side but I think it is a little better value. Pretty close though. If it were me I’d rather have the Kupp side but with a little something extra. Otherwise you can drop the 2.07 and I think that would be a closer deal

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So, I am looking to get Kupp in this situation. I would have 3 first rounders if I can make a trade. No official offer made yet, just doing my research. He origianlly asked for M. Evans instead of OBJ. I am not trading Evans at this point.

That’s awesome, sounds like we have similar teams. If it were me I’d be happy giving up Kareem Hunt and OBJ for Kupp and the 1.07 but with the pick in there it is too much. The 2.07 should be super valuable too. I just sold OBJ and Marlon Mack for Kerryon and Courtland Sutton, pretty stoked about it

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Browns homer, but that has nothing to do with it. I like the OBJ side. Hunt hopefully leaves so he could be on a new squad before the draft even happens. That is ideal. OBJ had a down year, but still put up over 1K and 70 rec. Only his TDs were problematic. But with that whole offense sigh being a bummer it is not really his fault and the core injury did not help. The 2.07 can still be a quality pick, and not much worse than the 1.07 this year. Probably not as good, but definitely not bad.

Kupp I really like but I am unsure on LAR. I think we might be seeing the end of last year through this year which nullified Kupp. The 1.07 was discussed above, better but not a slam dunk over the 2.07.

All that IMHO give a slight edge to the OBJ side. I would not fault you for taking the Kupp side, but I would not by a slim margin.