Trade Question for You All?

C. Ridley for J. Landry, M. Ingram and 2021 2nd?

12 team Dynasty PPR. Best ball scoring
Current roster

N. Chubb
D. Johnson
M. Ingram
Bunch of other Dudes

J. Jones
D. Hop
Lots of other dudes.

Is it cool to grab Ridley in this trade and build for when Jones departs me.

Yeah if you can go grab Ridley I would do it, a lot of people have him breaking out this year and taking over the 1 role once Julio retires. This seems like a very fair offer too.

Offer first without Ingram if it’s a no go then add Ingram on to spice it up

He is trying to get Ingram since he has Dobbins

Ridley = 20 points. Jarvis = 16, Ingram=5, 2nd round = early 14 or late =7 so I would shoot for Ingram and pick or jarvis and ingram not all 3.