Trade question/help

Thinking about trying to get Allen in a trade. Would appreciate some feedback on making this offer.

I get Keenan Allen and Jordan Reed.
He gets Phillip Lindsay, Devin Funchess and Trey Burton.



that is hilariously uneven. go for it asap.

what do you think would make this a more fair offer?

i mean if you can get allen and reed for what you already offered or asked us about, you of course should do that first. otherwise, since you said this team needs rb’s, something more even would be replacing funchess with breida or kerryon. or possibly using baldwin instead of funchess would be sufficient.

i wouldn’t want to lose howard or freeman here, so i’d shy away from offering either of them.

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well, assuming it’s devonta freeman. if it’s royce freeman, that’s different and i wouldn’t hesitate to trade him if it helps me get keenan allen.

This is a hilarious offer. Why the heck would he give you reed?

Allen > Lindsay/Funchess by himself.

Reed > Burton.

Usually when you a look a trade you’re offering and it’s an auto accept from your end, you’re probably offering up a lopsided trade. You get the better component in every part of this.

Funchess is trash. Once Olsen is active again, he’s not even startable.

Yeah, probably just wishful thinking on my part (or too late at night) … which is why I floated it out here first. Also didn’t realize Olsen was nearing a return in the next couple weeks.

It’s still probably not enough, but what about Lindsay/Baldwin/Burton for Allen/Graham instead. Any closer? Or am I still way out of touch with that offer?

It’s closer but depends on how much other side is worried about baldwin. He’s already questionable and limited this week. personally, I would not give up allen for Baldwin due to the injury risk.

Also, graham > Burton.Not sure why you keep trying to add in Burton into the trade for a better TE. Doesn’t make much sense for other side to give up the stud in the deal and also give up the better TE.

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Seeing if I could somehow solve TE bye week issue at the same time since waiver wire is real thin at TE. It was a long shot, but figured I’d at least feel it out. Sounds like a resounding no, haha. Thanks for the feedback.