Trade Question in .5 ppr 12 team

Would you give up Amari Cooper, Wentz and Peyton Barber for Kareem Hunt and maybe funchees. I could also probably swap Barber for Rashaad Penny. What you guys think?

Really need help asap. Want to rap this up by the AM

Current Roster Construction is:

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz
RB: Zeke, Brukhead, Aaron Jones, Peyton Barber, Rashaad Penny
WR: Aj Green, Stef Diggs, Cooper, Josh Gordon, Ty Lockett
TE: Trey Burton
Kicker: Lutz
D/ST: Saints

I have Amari Cooper actually. And I would take this deal. you’re still left with solid WRs on your roster and you’ll shore up your RB line up. Plus Funchess will get more targets with Olsen out.

Was this a trade offered to you? Or are you proposing it?

Thank you brother. Im also afraid that Rojo will get another shot at that RB spot. Would also be nice to have Sexy rexy as my Flex or Aaron jones when he comes back. Also have Josh Gordon as trade bait/flex option. Would also cover me if Diggs gets or AJ green gets injured (which im expecting.)

yes, good point on Rojo. transfer the risk to someone else. you get the weekly starter Hunt. I have rex too, but want Hunt. why didn’t I think of this trade?