Trade Question- Kalen Ballage for Keke Koutee + 2nd Round pick

My Rb’s currently are

Joe Mixon
Kerryon Johnson
David Montgomery
Ronald Jones II
Kalen Ballage
Benny Snell Jr.
And Kareem Hunt

My wr core is
Davante Adams
Robert Woods
Courtland Sutton
Dante Pettis
Mecole Hardman

This will give me the Deshaun Watson + Koutee Stack

Would you guys make this trade?

Kalen ballage is straight trash. I would give him up for Coutee alone. I would give him up for 2nd round pick alone. Fact you are getting both is a miracle. Get on that and smash accept.

Well I figured he could maybe be the head running back in Miami if Drake doesnt pan out ----____(’,’)_____-----

He can’t be the head running back of anything. He’s a glorified scat back. Never seen someone so big and fast go down on so many shoestring tackles in my life. Also has like vision and his cut is awful. Only has straight line speed.

This is a fair mindset to have. However, where I don’t agree that he is trash, Ballage is on a team that should be avoided for the most part. He’s just not good enough to overcome that type of environment. Your RBs looks great and they all have a path to be productive. Keke not only has a cool name, but he’s got BIG play talent and he’s on a dope team. The 2nd round pick is just the cherry on top

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I’d take that trade for the second round pick alone.

I got ballage and kinda am in between. Should i trade him for hyde

Btw i would for sure trade ballage voor keke en 2nd

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Ballage is like a lotto ticket. Most likely he’s worth nothing, but theres a chance hes worth a lot. I would make the trade but the people pretending hes awful are being ridiculous.

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If you watch his college tape or even just watch the games he played in NFL, would show he’s awful. All he has is size and speed. Literally nothing else. There’s virtually no chance he’s worth a lot. His upside is like maybe what Heins is on a worse offense with less TD opportunity. The dude is just bad. The list of big athletic guys that didn’t pan out in the NFL is long. Ballage is on that list.

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Hyde is kinda in the same situation as Ballage. Only a few years older and has had way more offensive snaps than Ballage.

Well I went ahead and did it. Not sure if it’s the right call but I’m trusting you guys. Id rather have Deshaun Watson’s #2 while fuller is recovering than the #32 teams second running back.


Go follow a guy on twitter called @JMoyerFB on twitter. He put together a very simple video of how bad Ballage is as a runner and why won’t ever be a lead back on any NFL team. Especially with the incoming 2020 class. I’ve seen more tape on ballage than whats shown in that video but that video is pretty representative of everything I’ve seen him do. Guy couldn’t find a hole if the entire D line just fell over and laid on their backs. He’s that bad. I wouldn’t even use a 2nd round pick in this year on ballage lol.

Drake gets hurt. What happens?

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That was my arguement. But I dont want to base my dynasty team off what ifs either…but I could see him coming in and being a lead back or the dolphins paying for a FA

They probably run some committee back system or sign another veteran or trade for another veteran. Ballage just sucks. If all you’re relying on is injury for your players to be relevant in dynasty, you’re playing a losing strategy lol. Talent matters. Especially in dynasty when new influx of talent at RB comes in every year.

Also by your logic, there’s probably another 15-20 backups I’d rather have than Ballage who actually have a shot of taking over a lead role if the front runner goes down. Ballage can’t do it. He’s awful. The 2020 2nd has a better shot of hitting long term than ballage does. And the question the guy posed was ballage for coutee + 2nd. Coutee who is guaranteed to see work as the WR2/3 on that Houston offense plus a 2020 2nd in a deep ad talented class.


Mike I already made that trade. I’m happy about it. Coutee in my eyes is easily a wr2 this year.

What if Hopkins and Fuller get hurt just as the zombie apocalypse starts, and neither one can escape the zombies, slowly and painfully eaten alive?

Too much money involved to cancel the season for a zombie apocalypse, though it might affect the attention-span of the mostly undead audience coughing zombie germs in tight confined spaces…

It could happen…

He’s a WR3, but a solid one… will be a WR2 after Fuller finds some way to tie his hamstring in a knot again

I literally said i would make the trade. You need reading comprehension lessons.

You said people saying ballage are awful are being ridiculous. And I was trying to show why from a talent perspective, he is awful. And you came back with “what if he gets hurt?”. What is the point of that question? Like Bratwurst said above, if that’s your only argument for showing someone has value, you’re playing a losing strategy.

If you agree why even bring that up? It’s a totally stupid argument. And I’m the one who needs reading comprehension lessons? Okay there bud…keep banking on that lotto ticket