Trade Question - Martavis Bryant

I have been trying to trade for a receiver for a long time now. There is a team in my league that has been trying to trade with me on and off. I feel like I can buy low on Martavis Bryant and Tarik Cohen. Bryant will never be more of a buy low, he is no guarantee to put up numbers at all, but should Bell or Brown go down he would be golden to have on a roster.

I would be trying to trade Rob Kelley and Samaje Perine as a packaged deal. He does not have strong RB’s. I feel like offering an entire early down backfield from a good offense could be tempting. I really don’t need either of them. I have Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard, Char West and Alvin Kamara as well. Im hoping Perine’s decent usage and the score will tempt him to go for the two backs.

Worth a shot? My WR’s are Crabtree, Robby Anderson, and Josh Doctson. Really looking for depth. I’d rather trade than go for waivers with the way my roster is constructed. Thanks for any comment!