Trade Question Mccoy Ajayi

I am looking to add safer running backs. My current backs are Howard, Mixon, Mccoy, A. Morris, A. Jones. My current receivers are Brown, Hilton, Edelman, Enunwa, J. Brown, R. Woods. Would you trade Mccoy, Jones, and Edelman for Ajayi (Who is hurt and likely to miss week 3) and Sony Michel?

Aaron Jones could become an RB2 we don’t know yet. Edelman could become a WR2 we don’t know yet. I also don’t like investing in NE RBs. If you could get Ajayi through a different trade, I’d be interested in that. I do think you have to give up McCoy to get Ajayi. Try giving McCoy and another RB (not Jones maybe Morris)? If I were you I wouldn’t want to give up Edelman in addition to McCoy and aaron jones just to get Ajayi and Sony…

This is fair. I just feel confident in wr depth with Enunwa, Brown, and Woods behind antonio and Hilton. So I thought I could afford to lose Edelman if it meant finally unloading Mccoy for something of value.

I don’t view Woods with value weirdly enough. Nor J. Brown. But that’s just me and if you like that depth then you can totally ship out Edelman! I’d try shipping out one of them first though… that’s just me!

If you can sell McCoy and Edelman for anything, I’d do it. I’d try and keep jones though. Given how williams has looked, I think Jones has a good shot of taking over assuming he has improved his pass pro to a competent level. I’d trade McCoy and Edelman for Michel for sure though.

Interesting. Brown had 10 targets last week and is the overall wr20 right now. And Woods is on pace for over 140 targets.

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Ok, Idk if he would do it then. Different hypothetical. Would you trade Jones and Enunwa or Edelman for A. Collins and Goodwin?

No. I hate collins, never been a fan and coaches hate him too it seems. Even though collins is clearly better than suck allen, for some reason suck allen is always on the field. I want no part of that.

Goodwins got too much injury risk and Enunwa is a target monster. Have 2 weeks straight now of Darnold clearly going to him as the dominate target WR.


I definitely wouldn’t. Edelman is still a stash for me as we don’t know how Gordon will pan out. I personally don’t like Ajayi that much either, he’s in a big RBBC and is TD dependent. You can definitely get better value for the players you’re trading. Mccoy is a big name and people give higher value just because of that, push that value and see what you can get.

I’ve tried. Literally nobody wants Mccoy. I’ve seen people on these forums dropping him in 10 man leagues. Which I wouldn’t do, but goes to show.

You’re living in the stone ages man. No one is paying anything for McCoy. Bills are the worst team in the NFL, McCoy is barely breaking 10 touches a game. And he got cracked ribs. And he’s getting investigated for child abuse. Which part of that sounds good to you?

I’m in a 10 man league and am dropping him as part of my waivers today. Waste of a roster slot.

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I don’t want any part of Mccoy either but sometimes you find those suckers in the league that believe in him somewhat

If clement is available do it!

I mean I know hes on onlf the worst teams in recent memory, but he could still get volume. And that can be important. Dropping him after 2 weeks? Man…
This isn’t the boldest but haven’t seen him cut in any league yet I’ll be shocked.

Normally I’d agree with you but here are the facts. Bills are the worst if not the 2nd worst team in the NFL. It’s between them and Cardinals. Their defense sucks, their offense sucks, their line sucks, their receivers suck, their QB sucks. There isn’t a single positive to take away. They are not going to be in scoring opportunities enough and will be falling behind early and often making the run game obsolete. McCoy is also injured with cracked ribs. That’s not something that goes away when you got 300 lb dudes running at you and falling on top of you at full speed. In a 10 man league, these first 4 weeks are crucial for waiver wires. Would you rather have Lindsay or McCoy on your team? Quincy? Godwin? Allison? Literally all players I would rather have and have picked up in place of McCoy.

Also, here is the bills schedule:

@MIN (great run D), @GB (great run d), Ten (great run D), @HOU
All of those teams with the exception of Ten have the ability to blow buffalo out like the chargers/ravens already have. So it might be 6 weeks before I get a single week of production out of McCoy.

I’ll let other people deal with that. In a 12 man if you want to hold him, fine. But in a 10 man or less league, the waiver wires are too rich with talent to hold an old, injured RB on a horrible team currently being investigated for child abuse. Hard pass for me.

The team was so bad their starting CB retired at half time. I think that says it all don’t you?

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Hahah I agree with you. I only play in one ten man and it has an extra flex. My other leagues are 12 with extra flex or 3wr so hard for me to think about the waivers having a lot of value but that really makes sense.