Trade Question? My Jacobs and Engram for Mack and Hunter Henry?

It’s half ppr with full point for first downs.

We start 3 wr, 2 rbs, 1 te, 2 flex.

My other te is Waller. My other rbs are Carson, Penny, Breida , Darrell Henderson.

Would this be a good trade for me or just basically a lateral trade?

Thank you!

Lateral trade. Mack’s not much of a catching back. Jacobs/waller are lone stars on the Raiders. Henry and engram are both TE1 upside. Only thing is Rivers has some games with 50 passes. So maybe counter just TEs if you want to let engram go. IMO giants line is better than chargers. But you have two TEs try trading with someone else to fill a hole that needs a TE or keep two and play it safe.

I wouldn’t do it I love Jacobs and I like Engram a lot more than Henry.

@plem I saw that the Chargers are getting back one of their offensive linemen. Okung I think his name is.

Colts have an elite oline and better offense than Raiders , I think. Man this is a tough call to make, I’m on the fence about this trade.

Just bumping this one back up, looking for other advice/opinions, thanks!