Trade question (need a win desperately)

I have Julio and Keenan. Should I trade away one of them and Lindsay for Dalvin and Michell?

RB depth: Fournette, Lindsay, Coleman, Gallman, Darrel Williams. half ppr 12 team. I’m 1-3 btw (probably 1-4 if shady and Kielce scores 13 points)

I’m thinking about selling Julio too, but I’m not sure today’s game is the right time to get value for him.

Sounds like you would be buying really high on Sony Michel too. I have him in my keeper league and floated the idea of selling high on him after today to a friend who is a huge Pats fan. It sounds like there is one of two schools of thought on him after today: 1) the Pats are finally realizing that they need to run the ball with Michel to win and the O-line is finially figured things out; 2) Belichek’s constant tinkering resulted in a big second half, and next week’s tinkering may have Michel back to fantasy-irrelevant.

If you do this deal for Michel and option 1 turns out to be correct, this could be great for you, if option 2 turns out to be right, this could be a final nail in your season’s coffin.

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Thanks for sharing!

I agree with you 100% about Sony. I have always been scared of having any Pat because of Bill Belichek’s tinkering (they can be boom and bust for you every week), but at the same time I am thinking about what trade would be accepted and also I don’t have a solid RB depth (Darrel Williams and Gallman being non-relevant very soon). I can maybe try to go for Miles Sanders (I am not interested much but can be valuable) or Damien Williams with Dalvin Cook for Julio and Lindsay but I don’t think this will be accepted at all or maybe wait for Julio to burst out and then try for Damien and Dalvin!

Let me know what you decide to do with Julio either way. Thanks! :slight_smile:

P.S.: I got lucky with McCoy and Kelce not showing up and won by 2.1 points :smiley:

Update: got a trade request for Allen and panthers d/st and I get back bears d/st and Aaron Jones.

Sounds ludicrous. Thoughts?

Whats your WR depth like beyond Julio and Allen? Looks like a pretty good trade to me.

I got Allen Robinson and Golden Tate.