Trade question.. need help kerryon- jj

Josh Jacobs for Kerryon Johnson… What yall think?

Jacobs without question.

Fully disagree. Take the upside of Kerryon plus the passing work. Josh Jacobs is game script dependent, gets zero looks in the passing game, and on top of that seems to have an injury that is bothering him and just lost 10 lbs due to illness.


Lions will be involving ty johnson in the passing game. Gurden already said Jacobs is a 3 down back. ROS Jacobs 100x

Jacobs: 1 target in 2 games. Doesn’t seem like a 3 down back to me.

2 game sample size. let’s also just assume OJ Howard is irrelevant all season at this point then

Josh Jacobs was on the field for less than half of snaps last week (46%). How is that a 3 down back? He is completely game script dependent. He was 74% game one.

The difference? The game script favored Oakland against Denver in week 1, and they were playing from behind against KC in week 2. And if I had to bet, Oakland will be playing from behind quite a bit this year.

To me snap counts are a lot more telling than what coaches say, they have been known to lie a little bit.