Trade Question Need Opinions!

Hi guys I would appreciate some feedback and thoughts on a current situation we have going on in our league.

I wanted to come here because The Fantasy Footballers are STRONGLY against vetoing trades and I love that. HOWEVER we have a trade that was just accepted by both teams in our keeper league and it has put our commissioner in an awkward position.

The Trade is as follow;

Adam Thielen who can be kept as a 4th round pick next year


Davante Adams(No Keeper Value next year)
Christian Mcaffrey(No Keeper Value next year)
Cooper Kupp(Can be kept as an 8th round pick next year)

We want to promote trading in the league and there has been some trades already but this trade just doesn’t look right.

This is our second year in our Keeper League so maybe this is just how things go?



How do the keeper values get determined? Does this mean that Adams and CMC cannot be kept at all?

It’s two rounds prior to where they were drafted and they can be Kept for a total of three years where each subsequent year is an addition round and can be kept a total of three times.

So Thielen was drafted in the 7th round last year and was kept as a 5th round pick this year. Next year his Value will be 4th round and then the year after that a 3rd round and then he can no longer be kept.

Davante Adams and Mcaffrey were both drafted in the second round this year so they cannot be kept and Cooper Kupp was drafted in the 11th round last year which meant he was a 9th round pick this year and can be kept as an 8th next year and then a 7th the following year and then his keeper tenure will be over and reset.

The trade indicates that one team is “Tanking” and trading away his best players to secure a better team next year but is there any sort of limit to the tanking when it comes to Keeper Leagues?

Is this a typical thing for most Keeper Leagues? I am all for “rebuilding” but not sure how I feel about giving away the house for a keeper. I also HATE vetoing trades lol.

Another trade was brought up.

The team currently in second place drafted Derrius Guice in the 12th round so he can potentially be kept as a 10th round pick and wants to trade him to the team in last place for Ezekiel Elliott.

I feel like that trade is a little lopsided as well but just not sure how to handle those situations when it comes to a keeper league.

To a certain degree there are building for next year trades, just the same as dynasty leagues to a certain extend. Obviously having keeper rules and eventually having to put players into the pool changes things slightly.

This is a lot to give up on the face of it but when you see that Adams and CMC can’t kept after this year the team acquiring them must be going championship or bust i assume? The guy getting Thielen has a massive value keeper for the next 2 years and if he drafts well next year probably a very strong team.

Kupp is still a decent keeper for a few years depending on how is value changes and whats available etc. If all these players could be kept next year i think this would be an example of someone maybe not understanding what they were doing but if it’s an all in approach which it looks like it is, and next year the team getting the three guys will likely have a low draft position and some big holes to fill which will be hard with keepers. I like the trade though, it’s a win now move and team building is all well and good but it’s about winning titles and it’s a fair trade as it only powers up the team getting Adams/CMC/Kupp for one year for a title run.

On the Zeke trade again it’s similar to the other move in that Guice if he recovers will be a good keeper for years but Zeke i assume can’t be kept and is being used as a title push for the owner in second place? Chances are the owner getting Guice could get Zeke back in the draft next year based on where he will likely go and where this owner would be picking.

Again if Zeke can be kept this is a stupid trade but for this year it’s just a tactical move to win now. I like both the moves for both parties as it suits their current team needs and ambitions for the year. Next year they could find themselves in the bottom half of the league with poor keepers and low draft position giving them a weaker roster but for a shot at the title you play to win now not next year, that’s my view

I completely agree with you. I am just wondering if there is ever a point to where it gets out of control?

If one team is mathematically eliminated and they trade away lets say Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Thomas and Travis Kelce(Because they have no keeper value) for let’s say Sony Michel who can be kept in the 7th round?

Do people just allow trades like that to happen? Just seems out of control to me but then again it’s a keeper league so maybe you just have to allow these things to happen.

One of the members of the league actually predicted that every year it would basically be a 2 or 3 man race with those teams having numerous first and second round picks because teams Tank and trade away every valuable piece they have for some potential keepers.

This is true and is a concern I think the counters are either a salary cap keeper system or a keeper limit instead of a round system and the price of tbf keeper is either your current approach or uses ECR and average draft price data cut off at a certain point to value keeper value. It’s hard to balance tactics in keeper settings and I don’t have enough experience to offer a perfect solution I’m afraid but tweaking the settings slightly to stop people beating the system is how I would go, up to you how you’d go about it but based on the trades and comments I see the issues