Trade Question- Please help

I am getting J. Mixon and Josh Gordon for Demaryius Thomas, Sammy Watkins and Powell. - Good , bad or even?

I need RB bad.


J. Mixon is injured homie. And there is great potential with J. Gordon, but who knows. Who are you other RBs?

Alvin Kamara. I also have K. Cole, A. Gallaway, and J. allison as my WR

I am 0-3 . Trade will happen next week and I believe both Mixon and Gordon should play?

i like that you are attempting to get Mixon. but I think Gordon in this case should be just removed from the trade.

Mixon “should” be back next week

I would try just asking for mixon for DT and SW


Great idea, thank you.

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Great trade!

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First of all, anyone telling you to stay away from Mixon because he’s injured isn’t paying attention. Mixon is a week away from coming back and is far and away the most valuable piece in this trade.

I like the idea of paring it down to Mixon for DT and Sammy. though if I were to try and protect one of them, it would be Sammy, not Bilal, but that would likely kill the deal. So I like the trade as is, better.

Look at it this way:

The three players you’d be giving up barely amount to his value alone (though losing Sammy hurts the most). You could string the DTs and BPs of the world together to infinity and they wouldn’t be as valuable as one guy who can blow up like Mixon.

Also, being on the receiving end of Thomas / Watkins / Powell will deplete this guy’s roster. Demaryius Thomas and Bilal Powell are not the cornerstones of championship rosters. And while Sammy has talent and does play in a strong offense this year, he hasn’t been integral to championship rosters in the past. Your trade partner can have those guys.

So in my view, this trade is basically you giving up Sammy to acquire Mixon and the upside of Gordon. I think it’s a huge bargain.

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I like it. The risk/reward profile is pretty outstanding. You aren’t killing your team even if Mixon/Gordon don’t see the field the rest of the season. And since they both should be very much up to speed soon, you have tremendous upside potential coming your way quickly. Your next move should be figuring out how to get a top tier WR1 though.

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