Trade Question Rant 👍🏻

I’m trying to get an RB or two in return. I have A.J Green and Antonio Brown. I have Larry Fitz and Randall Cobb as well. I’m very slim at running back. I have Kareem, Ingram, Gore, Rob Kelley and I just picked up Alex Collins. I have ZERO trust in all the RB’s besides Kareem. I prefer to get rid of A.J Green but nobody wants him… I’m thinking of either trading Antonio but I don’t know if I will get back what I want in return… Also, I’m unsure of the value of Brown, considering RBs are very slim this year and people want to hold what they have. I’m thinking of trading Kareem for two RBs but who should I aim for? I was offered Jordan Howard and Lamar Miller for Kareem, should I ?

It’s a two flex league.
QB-Drew Bree’s
WR- A.J Green
WR-Antonio Brown
RB-Kareem Hunt
RB-Frank Gore
TE-Charles Clay
Flex- Larry Fitzgerald
Flex- Mark Ingram
Bench- Alex Collins
Bench- Randall Cobb
Bench- Rob Kelley
Bench-Marvin Jones

No and the fact no one wants AJ green is crazy, what rbs are you trying to get for him? And frank gore should get better, so I don’t see anything wrong with team.

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There’s no way no one wants Green unless your asking price is too high. That said, there aren’t many guys I wouldn’t trade if I was getting Green in return. Your team looks good to me and DO NOT trade Hunt. He’s essentially two RB’s. You can def flip Cobb or Fitz for solid no 2 RB. Target guys like Gilly, Crow, Murray.

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Thanks guys. I was asking A.J Green for Jay Ajayi, declined. Then I asked Murray for A.J, declined. Just asked for Howard for A.J Green. That was declined.

I agree with this entire post.

Crow is on my buy low list now

What about Doug Baldwin and Bilial Powell for A.J

id take the aj side. baldwin isnt as good as aj is, and powell is good but hes had one good week this year we dont know what the situation is with forte and mcguire

wtf lol Aj in my league is worth at least a top 7 RB. i would target Fournnete for AJ if you can. Look at the teams that arent doing well and find the team that needs WR. trade him for an RB. Do not take anything outside the top 8 RB’s maybe top 10 (TY is a good option)

Green is my WR3 going forward. At least top 7 overall. If you trade him, get real value.

Your team is fine. Don’t make moves you will regret.

Keep studs

I’m with everybody else here. WHAT??? NOBODY WANTS AJ??? WOW!!! Furthermore, I think I would agree with those that are saying just sit tight for now. You could do a whole lot worse than what you’ve got. Can I ask your standings on your league at this point?

I’m in first (3-1) with second most points scored. I’m just worried since I don’t have much backs. It would b nice to have another RB

You’re in 1st place, don’t panic. Let the other teams do that and try and get real value for your guys. Most players in fantasy tend to over value their guys, especially the guys they had targeted before the draft, even if they’re doing bad so far. You have elite WRs, a high quality QB and a top tier RB and Gore is at least serviceable as an RB2 and you even have a top 5 TE. You’ll be ok for the season.

Sounds like your settling for something you don’t want because you can’t trade Green. 1) DONT TRADE HUNT. Unless your getting leveon or a combo of like freeman/Gordon or something stupid like that. 2) don’t make a trade that you don’t wanna make. I went 3 weeks trying to trade for a WR and nobody would give me something I wanted to I just held off until this week dalvin and Monty went down so I was finally able to trade a rb for a WR. Be patient and wait until someone needs a WR like green and take advantage of it

Just the fact that everyone declined on green for those trade offers… kind of hints to me that you’re probably gonna win this league. Yeah, hold on to your crew and do now ship off green or hunt. You may be able to get something valuable for brown, but it better be jordy nelson and doug martin.

Anyway, your team is good, don’t panic whatsoever.

FULLY AGREE!!! Sit back, breathe easy and just let it ride for now. If I had Green I for damn sure wouldn’t be real anxious to push him off. Especially with your standings. As they say…IF IT AIN’T BROKE…DON’T BE ITCHING TO FIX IT!!!

In my 2 player keeper league I just traded agholor and cook 1 rnd pick for AJ demarco and a 6th
Can’t understand why no one wants aj in your league

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