Trade Question with Gronk

Bell owner wants to trade me gronk for njoku and Conner… should I do it or does Conner still hold to much value

SOoooOoo Bell did not show up during the bye or today. This likely shows he will not return till week 10. This gives you at least two more games of RB1 production. Or you can get some extra TE production but Gronk has not been Gronking.

The answer lies with you’re RB situation. If you are thin, no. You need wins now and Gronk ain’t helping you. If you’re stacked I’m considering it. But Njoku has been getting more targets and has PIT, KC, ATL coming up.

I have hunt mixon conner chubb Cohen and Clement. I am currently 5 and 2. I really like njoku schedule coming up

i say ride it out. Njoku has a good schedule. You get conner for 2 more games which allows Chubb to develop on your bench and ready to fill in when needed.