Trade Question WR for RB

I have McCaffrey, Peterson and Royce Freeman as my RBs. Obviously CMC is safe but my rb2 has been a mess the past two weeks. I’m stacked at WR but was wondering what value I should expect from certain guys when offering a trade…

I have Deandre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Tyler Lockett and TY Hilton. I know I would obviously get a better return by trading Woods or Hopkins but would prefer to hold onto them. Not sure what type of RB trade is fair for Hilton or Lockett though.

I also have a waiver claim in trying to claim Theo Riddick for this week if Johnson is out again for Detroit. 1/2 ppr league.

Thanks guys!

If you find the right team who is RB heavy and WR weak, I think you can get a very solid RB for Hilton, and a decent (better than Royce) RB for Lockett. I think Lockett can land you Breida in the right situation, Hilton can definitely get you back a Lindsay-caliber RB imo

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