Trade Question!

Trade Question: would you trade Corey Coleman to receive Martavis Bryant? .5 ppr league

I think I would do it because Big Ben is a more proven passer than Kizer. So I believe he has more value than Coleman

Keep Coleman he has received 14 targets his last two games, and yes I’m including preseason stats. He’s Kizer’s favorite target.

I’d do this in a heart beat.

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Please explain why you would take this trade in a heart beat.

I think hes the better player in the better situation.

He’s competing with Brown and Bell for targets. While Coleman is competing with Duke Johnson and Crowell, Coleman and Bryant both had 6 targets Coleman had 5 receptions and a TD against a better defense. Bryant had 1 reception he is the definition of boom or bust.

I’d go with Martavious too. Had a lot of drops last game. Think he will turn that around and could have huge games with AB being the focus of defences through the passing game.

Being Kizer’s #1 target doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. Regarding which defense is better, there no way to actually know that yet. It’s entirely possible that Pitt’s defense is average or worse and Cleveland’s offense is just bad.

For me I don’t think Bryant is a player you play week to week, you play based on the matchup. For me, Coleman is a player you can play week to week because he will get more balls thrown his way. Volume is a part of fantasy football. I think Bryant sits on your bench more games than you play him and he’ll be incredibly frustrating throughout the season.

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I respectfully disagree. I’d hope that you aren’t counting on either as more than a WR3/flex. In that case, it’s probably not going to be a weekly start for me anyway (Coleman certainly won’t be, and neither would basically any other Browns WR in my lifetime, outside of that one Josh Gordon year). I see both of these guys as situational/matchup plays, and I would much rather have Bryant for the 8-10 games I feel comfortable playing him than the 8-10 games (generously) that I’d feel comfortable starting Coleman.

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to stash Gordon now that he should be back in the near future?

Josh Gordon? Doubtful.

Lol Coleman is the number 1 option in Cleveland he already has more fantasy value then Bryant. Bryant is a boom or bust player. Lol 8-10 games of Bryant being fantasy relevant where’s your proof? If both players have 8-10 games, cause that’s what your saying, of having fantasy relevance Corey Coleman is off to a hot start. Coleman, if he doesn’t get hurt, will be a wide receiver number 2 this year. Your giving me zero reasons why other than I like Bryant with Big Ben and I’ll never play a browns receiver, why? Corey Coleman has 14 targets in his last two games that shows he will be relevant in fantasy this year. What evidence do you have that supports what your saying? I’m not saying Bryant is a bad player, he’s a headache because you don’t know when to play him he’s inconsistent; however Coleman will be fed a lot of targets this year that is a fact he’s competing with less talent he was drafted in the first round so the browns will give him every opportunity to see what they have in him. Will Coleman have bad games of course! But I like my chances with a teams number 1 who is competing with less talent vs a teams at best number 3 who relies way too much on the deep ball and touchdowns.

Be dismissive all you want. I didn’t offer proof, I stated an opinion. If you think that one player is a better option than another just because one is the number 1 option on their team and the other is the number 3 option, then go right ahead and start Jermaine Kearse. I think Coleman is a less talent WR, on a worse offense, with a less talented QB, that wants to throw less. I think both are boom or bust. Bryant’s booms are much bigger, and I believe will be more frequent and predictable (if he’s at home, it’s an autostart). The entire Cleveland offense is going to have a lot of bad weeks, Coleman included. Unless you went RB, or simply strike gold late, you likely don’t have a 3rd WR you can trust weekly. Coleman certainly wouldn’t qualify.

lol dismissive! stop with that crap. I’m just asking you to back up your claims. If we’re going to speculate about each other you seem like the type that only goes after brand name players and if a player isn’t relevant or sexy enough for you, you dismiss them. Good luck to you this season and we’ll see who has the better season between Coleman and Bryant.


I don’t dismiss players at all and I never said I’d never play a Browns receiver. I said they had very few truly fantasy relevant receivers in my lifetime. It was evidence that being the #1 option doesn’t always mean much (your argument seemed to revolve around him being the top target). Now, is among the best WRs the Browns have had in that time? Quite possibly, but I don’t think it likely he’ll be a top 24 WR. The are just too many WRs. He got 6 targets in week 1. 37 WRs were targeted more, 8 more received the same number (Bryant included), and WRs who were targeted less this week that could (most of whom should) end up with as many or more targets on the season include Julio Jones, Baldwin, Maclin, Beasley. I think this is a fairly good example of what we can expect, a bigger percentage of a smaller target total, coming out to roughly the same weekly target totals. This makes neither of them more than a WR3/flex for me (If it weren’t for a TD, which are difficult to predict, Coleman would have been a useable flex play in PPR, and nothing more). Based on that conclusion, I’d prefer the player that I think is more talented, and whom has a better QB/offense in general, because that likely means more plays run (and therefore more chances at targets) and more scoring opportunities. I wasn’t dismissing Coleman. He’s fine, but I’d prefer Bryant.

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