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Trade Question


10 team PPR - Dynasty - Auction Draft

I would give:
• Leonard Fournette (#1 overall rookie draft pick, I have the #2 overall and the #9 overall)
• Jordan Howard OR Michael Thomas
• 2017 #21 overall rookie pick
• 2017 #22 overall rookie pick
• 2018 round 1 rookie pick
• 2018 round 2 rookie pick

I would get:
• Lev Bell
• 2017 #10 overall rookie pick
• 2017 #11 overall rookie pick
My remaining rookie picks would be #39, #40, #41 and #42 (total of 50 picks in our rookie draft)


What’re your team needs? How strong are your WRs and RBs?


if i give up howard i will have no RB keepers, if i give up thomas i would have 3 WR keepers. Baldwin, B Marshal and Dez


with that kind of draft capital, im doing it. and im giving away thomas. you drop some picks next year, but you own this years rookie draft. having the 2, 9, 10, and 11 pick. and by giving up thomas, you end up with a pretty amazing backfield. and then baldwin and dez to bring up your WRs. that is a solid core of people you can build around, especially with so many high rookie picks. and sprinkle in some late round guys too.


thanks so much!!


I agree with this assessment. If you are trading to get Bell you want to give up a position where you have depth, and that sounds like it’s your WR position. You’re going to have to pay for Bell, but you are going to get around five years of great production out of him, so I think it’s worth the trade-off here.