Trade Question****

Got offered hunt and Odell for saquon and diggs in a standard league. Other wr is Julio, Lockett, stills, boyd and other rbs are Conner, mixon, Coleman, henry

I’d pass here, as you’re in standard scoring the downgrade to your RBs from Barkley to Hunt will hurt more than the upgrade to OBJ from Diggs. Also with Mixon still out for this week and maybe next, Coleman will go back to the time share soon, maybe this week if Freeman can suit up and the way Hunt has been used in the passing game he needs TDs to avoid hurting your line up right now. Personally i’d hold Barkley and Diggs with your current crop.

If your trade partner is keen to get rid of Hunt though you could always counter for Diggs and Conner or Mixon, but unless they are in full tilt i doubt they’d take it but as both OBJ and Hunt have yet to set the world on fire it might be worth a shot but i’d not pay a fair price for those guys right now, it’s either a lower price or not at all.

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I think I’d actually take this. Hunt off to a slow start but teams will start figuring out Mahomes and KC will do more to establish the run. Plus the offense overall is kind of a juggernaut. Saquon obv has shown he has best RB in the NFL potential akin to Hunt, so I think you lose a bit of an edge with Saquon, but getting ODB for Diggs makes up for it in my opinion. I know Diggs has scored 3 times already but ODB is putting up big yardage, getting tons of targets, and has 3 or 4 10 TD seasons. Diggs I don’t see producing ROS as consistently as ODB in theory should. You also need the most help at WR so that upgrade makes sense for your squad.

I think I take this.

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Btw, Giants schedule appears to be easier than Vikings. But, Chiefs schedule actually looks pretty difficult against the run compared to Giants. Something else to consider. Maybe you wait a couple weeks and see how things are looking. I don’t see an urgent need to do this at all. I’m assuming your record is in good shape, so maybe you let your team do it’s thing for a bit longer before shifting up too much.

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That’s a fair view, but i really would try and counter this offer though and if you can have a conversation with the trade proposer i would. The fact that Hunt and OBJ have been offered for Diggs which looks like points chasing and as @falcones404 says i don’t see that being sustained for the ROS and using Hunt’s name value at the moment to get an upgrade at RB.

It’s not an unfair trade by any means but we’re in week 4 now, these are the times to be able to leverage trades in your favour and take advantage of the early season tilt or a panicking owner. I think it’s at least worth a discussion as you’ve essentially been offered 1st and 2nd round picked players right off the bat which only the OP can know their league but this looks like someone having an early season tilt. If there is a chance that you can have Barkley, Hunt and either Mixon/Conner to pair with OBJ and Juilo you need to at least have that discussion is all I’m saying.

I do think selling as high as possible on Diggs is the right move though and don’t really dispute @falcones404 points on taking the trade it’s fairly even in my view either way, i just covet the RB more in standard but it’s a personal preference.

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