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Trade question!?


i need a running back and i offered Tyreek hill for chubbs. i have alot of w/r depth i have sanders , Antonio brown and ty thilton . he wants to give me golden tate and chubs for tyreek hill would you do it?


Almost definitely no. Who are your RB’s? And there must be some Rb’s you can add from
Waivers this week first and foremost


I would highly advise against pulling the trigger on that Tyreek deal though


my running backs are alex collins lamar miller and james conner im currently 7.0


Well Conner may be startable through week 10. If Bell doesn’t show up on Wednesday, you should feel good about Conner for at least 1 more week. I think Chubbs and Tate is fair, but I’d definitely shop around for offers. Other players would be willing to make you an offer of some kind for Tyreek Hill.


@Hazel11 said it. Def a good idea to shop a bit. Tyreek has been going insane and should get you a trade you don’t even feel uncertain at all about imo.